Biometric authentication when using TEAMS® (Triad Enterprise Authentication and Migration System) from Triad Biometrics is a revolutionary new turnkey solution for user authentication in web based applications. TEAMS® offers enterprise clients:

  • Secure biometric authentication from anywhere with most leading fingerprint scanners, even over public networks
  • Vastly more discriminating fingerprint identification or matching than AFIS as tested by NIST
  • Easy and scalable migration path from existing security systems
  • Platform independence and interoperability
  • Lower maintenance costs with full user and application accountability
  • A biometric software solution designed to operate on all leading web application servers
  • Because TEAMS requires no password for web applications, SQL injection is averted for login transactions protected by TEAMS

Triad Biometrics provides comprehensive biometric security software systems that enable enterprise clients to harness all of the advantages of hardened biometric authentication in web environments.  Our Triad Enterprise Authentication and Migration System (TEAMS®) is a complete turnkey solution providing biometric authentication for web based applications with unparalleled functionality.  The unique features of TEAMS®, many of which are patent pending, combine to offer true application security and scalablity that has a broad appeal across many industries.

If you've looked at biometrics before...

Our Biometric Authentication and New Network Security Solution

Biometric authentication through the use of TEAMS'® highly discriminatiing fingerprint identification or matching algorithm is immune to hacking, spoofing, and phishing attacks including recently revealed "bio logging" attacks.  Furthermore, ellimination of passwords at the application level effectively averts the threat of sql injection.  If required, TEAMS can support multi-factor authentication.  Its FIPS140-2 Suite B compliant client and server encryption as well as other technologies have made it the choice for enterprise clients that need to secure sensitive high value data.  Now people will be able to quickly and easily access their web based applications with sureity and  know that they have been unequivocally identified and that the privacy of their biometric data is fully protected. Gone finally is the expense, insecurity, and inconvenience of user ID's and passwords at the application level.  For more information, you may download our recent White Paper below:

Download TEAMS® White Paper

Download TEAMS® Data Sheet