About Us--Our Concern About Network Security

Biometric authentication that yielded network security was a focal point when Triad was founded in 2004 by Scott Coby, Mark Cohen and Shailesh Chirputkar when they recognized a gaping hole in the biometrics industry which caused it to be fragmented.  Biometric companies were building various capture devices and supplying software that could be used only on that particular device.  The typical business model was hardware centric and; consequently, there was no interoperability.  There were a number of other network security shortcomings in biometric products that were preventing widespread adoption of biometric authentication by enterprise level entities such as platform, device, database, and application server interoperability. Using their core engineering and technical expertise in identification, authentication, and enterprise information security, the founders devised a number of key technologies that overcame these shortcomings in an integrated package designed for today's enterprise market. Triad's revolutionary TEAMSĀ® product is the culmination of their development efforts. Triad's offices are located in Florida and Connecticut. Please contact us for more information.

Our Team

Our Distinguished Advisory Board

Triad Biometrics' Distinguished Advisory Board has been formed to provide management with ready access to some of the most experienced, insightful, and successful professionals from diverse fields in which the company may interface.  From time to time, the company may add additional members to this board based on opportunity and merit.  Below is a listing of the founding members of the Distinguished Advisory Board: