TEAMS®--Biometric Authentication the Ideal Way

Do you have any sensitive digital corporate or enterprise information which, if fallen into the wrong hands, could damage the reputation and profitability of your company? You could lose a trade secret, some competitive information or sensitive financial data such bank transactions, audit data or confidential employee or customer information.

Do you need to comply with any privacy laws and how are you doing it?

Are you protecting the information using passwords or tokens or cards that can be shared or stolen?

Do you have information that can be stolen by force from an important person in your organization?

Have you looked at Fingerprint Biometrics to protect your sensitive information?  If not please take a look at TEAMS®, which offers five key feature sets:

  1. Unequivocal Identification of Individuals accessing your most sensitive data.
  2. Live Alias Detection and Resolution System - The same person cannot be enrolled in TEAMS® with a different name.  TEAMS® will catch any such attempt and provides the tools needed for resolution.
  3. Duress Mode - If an important person in your organization is being forced to retrieve information, then he has the option to use a pre-determined Duress Finger and send an undetected alert to the appropriate people in your organization notifying them of his emergency.
  4. Exception Mode - If you lose your device, TEAMS® can send a temporary password to your cell phone or trusted email address. You can then use the temporary password for a limited number of times or until you have a working device.
  5. Interoperability - TEAMS® supports 12 different types of fingerprint devices.  This gives you a choice of hardware for pricing, availability, and various personnel requirements.

We offer 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked!!! (Excluding direct expenses)

TEAMS® can be used to protect the following types of digital information:

  • Sensitive financial transactions or data such as company audit data, wire transfers, portfolio information
  • Clinical trial data, formulae for medicines
  • Company secrets or trade secrets such as chemical formulae, sensitive engineering drawings such as for dyes or components
  • High value documents such as power purchase documents, etc
  • Sensitive government or military data

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